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Planning →

Research planning concerns all aspects of preparing for a research project.  It includes seeking funding, awareness of University and sponsor requirements, and the organization of data, records, tools, and/or resources needed to conduct the research and disseminate and archive valuable results.

Examples of services: Pre and Post-Award Resources, Research Data Management Lifecycle Support, Data Use Agreement Processing

Research lifecycle wheel with two of six wedges indicating active research highlighted in green and blue

Active Research →

The active research phase of a project may include collecting or acquiring data, information, or sources, conducting quantitative or qualitative analysis, and/or using computation resources, data storage, quantitative or qualitative tools, visualizations, or information exploration.

Examples of services: Storage, Cluster Computing, Research Computing Consulting and Facilitation

Research lifecycle wheel with planning and dissemination stages highlighted in green and red

Dissemination & Preservation →

Dissemination and preservation are increasingly important parts of the research lifecycle. Sponsors and journals often require that all inputs, outputs, and what tools, data, and code were used, be accessible, alongside results and conclusions.

Examples of services:  Archiving Faculty Research Data & Archiving Data Support, Harvard Dataverse Curation & Support, Copyright and Intellectual Property

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Research Administration and Compliance →

Harvard offers a full spectrum of resources to support and facilitate research and researcher compliance with internal and external regulations and policies. Services available include administrative reviews, consultations, guidance, and tools. Resources span the research lifecycle, including pre- and post-award services, human subject and animal research resources, data use agreement support, and research data safety resources.

Computing →

Research Computing at Harvard facilitates the advancement of research by providing leading-edge computing services including cluster computing, storage, software licenses, virtual instances, and software engineering. Services range from consultation and guidance to fully managed support.  Guidance about working with data in compliance with Harvard's data security levels is also available from Research Computing specialists.

Research Data and Scholarship →

Researchers at Harvard generate data and scholarship that changes the world. Services across the University are available to support data creation, curation, and transformation, as well as research publishing and dissemination. Research support partners are available for consultation, providing access to existing information and tools, and exposing research through robust repositories for data and scholarly communication.

Researching Remotely?

Some research tools and tasks are equally accessible for remote and on-campus work, but others require reworking for the current COVID environment. Explore resources around the University.

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