Longwood Health Informationist

Some researchers may wish to embed a data services librarian as a health informationist in their projects. Services that they can provide are wide array of research data management (RDM) services that include but not limited to: data finding and acquisition, metadata creation, and ontology management. These services are available to biomedical researchers within the context of projects conducted by members of the Longwood Medical Area community and require funding provided by the project (e.g. grant sources).

Below is information about the provider(s) of this service.  Some providers work with members of a specific school, while others are open to the Harvard community more broadly.

Applicable to members of a specific school or part of the campus

Countway Library (Longwood Medical Area)


  • School Faculty
  • School Graduate Students
  • School Affiliates

Service Provider

Countway Library

Service Fee


Service Website


Contact Information

Julie Goldman: julie_goldman@hms.harvard.edu